About Us


We started the company back in 2010 with just four employees, a handful of money and two computers between us.Our journey involved creating many partnerships with local Businesses, Organisations, Charities and local individuals who we could knowledge share with to grow our business.

Starting off we predominantly relied on our search bar which allowed customers to compare any product they wanted for the cheapest prices on the market, this was very popular and so we decided to take a step into the unknown hiring more staff and moving to new offices to go into the word of design.
Hiring firstly directors to manage each department and sales and design staff to accomidate our many customers we branched out to cheap web design, logo design, business card design, flyer design, SEO opimisation services, hosting services, site analytics, poster design, domain services, with our best seller being our cheap web design package starting from just £39.

As our customer base grew more staff had to be hired to accomidate our customer needs which was soley based on regular customers coming back for additional services and through our innovative advertising campaigns.


2014 has been an interesting year already with the company being 7 years old. To celebrate the year ahead we will create many promotions and offers to our many fantastic customers rewarding them for their loyalty and years of service.

The Future

By 2020 we hope to reach our 3,000 landmark meaning we aim to have served 3,000 customers by then and look to increase on that number year on year, and continue with our success in creating affordable, professional web design in the UK.


Our Skills

SEO 90%
Market Research70%
Web Development 80%
Web Design 95%